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Flat Skins

1. Skinning lines on forelegs, centre and dewlap, hindlegs and butt. note slight curve on round of butt. skin all the

way up to the chin for flat skins. skin up to the base of the neck for rug mounts. skin up to the middle of
the legs for full mounts

2. Correctly skinned hide: note square shoulder and dewlap and well rounded butt. please salt it very well ½ inch

thick of salt and rub it into the skin. fold it over for two to three days and make sure that the skin can drain of
all fluid. please do not leave it on the floor. then shake the salt out and fold the skin up with the hair inside.

Shoulder Mounts

1. Skin heads as shown in the diagram. make initial cut circling the body behind the front legs. a second cut up the

 back of the neck to the base of the skull to form a “v” (see illustration). cut carefully around the horns and cut the

 skin away from the base.

2. Cut ear cartilage from the skull on the inside and clean meat away from the base of the ear. skin down the skull

being careful not to cut through the skin, especially around the eyes and nose, preserve the eyelids. use the fingers

of the free hand to guide on the outside to be certain you are not cutting into the lids and nose. before skinning past

the lips, with the head facing you, reach inside the mouth cutting against the jawbone on the lower lip, circling

around the upper lip, leaving about ½ inch of lip attached to the skin. then turn the head around and continue taking

off the cape. once the cape is off, you must split the eyelids from the inside. but make sure not to cut right through.

then the nose and lips must be split. all excess meat must be removed.

3. Saw off the top of the skull through the centre of the eyes and above the ear hole. remove the brains, cut off the

 excess meat around the skull cap. wash well with running water. cape and skull must be heavily salted ½ inch thick

all over the skin.

4. Skin up to the head base, cut the head off. clean well with running water of all blood. if this is the way, put the

head into the deep-freeze until you come to town, or bring the head into us as soon as you have shot it. if left too

long, hair slip can occur.